After hosting ‘Crime Patrol’ for eight years, Annup Sonii has decided to call it quits. The actor, who has become synonymous with the crime show, will be exiting it after serving his notice period. When contacted, Annup confirmed the news, “Yes, I am quitting the show.”
While the association has been great, Annup felt the need to get back to acting — his first love, and hence, the decision. He adds, “Eight years is a long time and I have had a beautiful journey on the show. However, I miss acting. I am an actor first. I haven’t acted in five years. I am looking forward to doing films and shows.”
Tell him how it could be disappointing for viewers to see someone else step into his shoes and he says, “I know it could be, but I am sure that the audience will also understand my situation. It has been a long time and I don’t want to become monotonous. I have been involved and passionate about every episode that I have shot and can’t be casual about hosting. However, I cannot kill the actor in me and expect people to understand. The show will always hold a special place in my heart. I now want to experiment with roles as an actor.”