The Bachelor’s fence-jumping hero, Colton Underwood, is currently in flux, now that he’s been dumped by Cassie. And now it’s time for a completely separate rite: contestants screaming over each other, Chris Harrison gushing over bloopers, and some product placement for low-calorie ice cream. Yup, we’ve definitely arrived at The Bachelor’s time-honored “Women Tell All” installment.

As is customary, all of Colton’s exes, minus the finalists, gathered together for an airing of grievances Tuesday night—and oh, were there some rank ones to air. At multiple points during the two-hour season rehash, multiple women were reduced to shouting, taking sides in various feuds, and jostling for the last word about what really went down off-camera during filming.

But as usual, all the yelling was a distraction from what really matters: the quiet moments of contemplation and breezy self-reflection that can make or break a campaign for The Bachelorette, the true prize for any former Bachelor contestant. Which brings us to Hannah B., the Alabama pageant queen whose chances before the reunion were just decent. On Tuesday, however, she catapulted herself toward the top of the list.