Hina Khan: People Are Not Probably Happy With Their Life, If They’re Busy Discussing Yours

Television actress Hina Khan is on a roll and busy this season with her hands full of events across the country. Hina Khan recently performed at an elite event in Hyderabad and in no time her rehearsal video dancing on ‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ went viral. After her stint in the Bigg Boss house last season, Hina has been touted as a fashionista and her sartorial choices at various city events have been appreciated. Safe to call her a controversy’s child after the reality show, Hina was again at the receiving end of distasteful comments.

Hina Khan shared images of her look from the event and needless to say looked the fittest and made for a treat for the sore eyes. But in no time her timeline was flooded with hate comments and pulled her up for taking up work during Ramzan. Needless to say, her followers went overboard commenting on her choice of outfit or even going ahead with the dance performance & posted provocative messages.

Although Hina chose to not reply & has time & again requested her fans to not indulge in any cat calling or picking up fights on social media, Hina’s fans were on a mission to shut down the trollers & supported Hina for continuing to do her work like most of us do.

At a city event last week, Hina addressed the issue & quipped, “People are not probably happy with their life if they’re busy discussing yours. When they start talking about you & picking up on everything you do, that means you’re going in the right direction. I won’t stop & can’t stop. Trolls don’t bother me.”

Hina is probably giving them the best answer with her silent treatment & not reacting to all the hate. Meanwhile her fans are busy shutting down the trolls. Religion should never come in the way of work. We agree. More power to you Hina!