On July 21, Hina Khan took to social media to share a copy of the legal notice she has sent to the jeweller who alleged that she had not honoured her commitment. The TV actor has been accused of not returning jewellery, worth over Rs 11 lakh, which she wore at an awards event.

The notice mentions that one of the actor’s assistants picked up the baubles from her home, but misplaced it in transit. The brand folk had earlier sent Hina a legal notice.

Since it started in public forum,I m forced to share my response too but d RIGHT WAY. ‬ ‪my advocate @sarthak7468 from Supreme Court of India . Sent a legal notice with proper stamp n signature to them.so this is how a legal notice looks like, not like an unsigned unstamped fake notice created just for cheap publicity..We really work hard to reach where we r n just because ‘a celeb’ is n easy target u will not get to use it to ur benefit… The law works wonders for an innocent who is wrongly accused and it gets better if you have proper proofs. Attaching the courier receipt for my notice.Surprisingly it never appeared for the imaginary notice sent to me. No hawa hawaai only seedhi baat #SatyamevJayate #NotAnEasyTarget

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Hina’s stylist who styled her for the award show also responded to the allegation. Stylist Hemlata clears that Hina rejected the jewellery and the stylist’s assistant took it from her and lost it before they were returned. Hemlata has already gone through the available legal channels and had lodged an FIR in Bangur Nagar Police Station against her assistants on the basis of deliberate theft in the presence of the owner of the agency ‘Saima’, who made all the arrangements. Hemlata said she was well aware that Hina Khan had nothing to do with the jewellery theft.

Hemlata also said that they have been very forthcoming and cooperative to the agency so that the jeweller can get the insurance for the lost jewellery but instead she was threatened badly by the agency. And the agency never let Hemlata speak directly to the jeweller for any kind of settlement whatsoever.