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Kapil Sharma finding it DIFFICULT to run his new show?

History is proof that only a few other TV personalities that have tickled our funnybone like Kapil Sharma has. From the day that the man had taken charge in the then-popular show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (Before it was re-launched with Akshay Kumar), he had almost become the highlight of every episode that had aired then. Also, who can overlook the eventual stardom that he gained and the two shows that were dedicated to the man? That clearly went on to prove that the Indian audience had welcomed him with open arms, which had almost assured his permanent place in the hall of fame.

But, an incident took place a little over a year ago now, which was a really unwelcome one, to say the least. It was reported that while returning from a show that him and his team had conducted in Melbourne, Australia to Mumbai in a flight, Sharma hurled a shoe at his co-star, Sunil Grover, and, as people may or may not have heard, it has been all downhill since then.

But then, even though the flight incident eventually led to The Kapil Sharma Show shutting down, he was once again given another shot: Family Time With Kapil Sharma. But, we have enough reasons to believe that the channel might be regretting that already within a week of the show going live. Why? Because it seems like there are certain habits that Kapil Sharma has not let go off, like the infamous show cancellations and making celebrity guests wait for long hours, amongst others.

For the uninitiated, Sharma had made headlines for canceling shoots with the likes of Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan, and the latter actually launched the show with him! But, a full year worth of Ayurvedic treatments, alleged treatments with alcohol addiction and depression and one (seriously underwhelming) film later, Kapil reportedly canceled his shoot yet again, and this time around with Hichki actress Rani Mukerji, whose film, by the way, is doing phenomenally well at the Indian box office.

A source who is allegedly close to the whole development was quoted saying, “The team was to shoot the episode yesterday evening but Kapil informed in the morning that he won’t be able to make it, and so the shoot was canceled.”

He was also quoted saying that, “There is a lot of expectation riding on Kapil. This being his second innings, he should be a little careful. People are ready to rip him apart. We hope he pulls up his socks and gets back to serious business to give the quality that is expected of him.”

So, what’s really going on here? Will Kapil really pull up his socks or do nothing about it and bid adieu to his maiden TV spot? But more importantly, is Sharma even individually capable of running a show sans his now partially-departed team?