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naheed awarded rs10m

Punjab Government Awarded Naheed Akhtar Rs10m for her services

LAHORE-One of the most genuinely gifted singers that Pakistan has ever produced, Naheed Akhtar has been awarded a cheque of Rs10 million in honour of her services by a representative of Punjab government, Muhammad Ahmed Khan, at Alhamra Arts Council on Tuesday. Naheed visited Alhamra Arts Council six months before asking for financial assistance from Punjab government. This effort was made under the request of the Executive Director of LAC, Atta Muhammad Khan, to Secretary Information and Culture Punjab Raja Janghair Anwar.

A summary was sent to Punjab CM Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, regarding financial support to the evergreen singer Naheed Akhtar, after the death of his husband Asif Ali Pota, who was a famous journalist.
Speaking on the occasion, Naheed Akhtar said that she is highly thankful that Punjab government has appreciated her role in singing. “I am very happy today, Shehbaz Sharif has proved that he is contributing a lot for the artist community,” Naheed said. Talking to this scribe, Capt Atta Muhammad Khan said, “Punjab government has always supported the artists community and have worked a lot to promote culture activities. These artists are cultural gems and mean a lot to us, as they are undoubtedly Pakistani representatives all over the globe.”
Naheed career began in 1970 when she sang a duet with Khalid Asghar in “Raag Malhar” at Radio Pakistan Multan. She has recorded songs in a range of styles, including pop, ghazal, classical, Punjabi folk and qawwali. She is considered one of the greatest female singers who ruled Lollywood during 70s and 80s. Melodies such as ‘Piyar Kabhi Karna Na’, ‘Yeh Aaj Mujko Kia Hua, and ‘Kisi Meherbaan Nay Aa Ke Meri Zindigi Saja Dee’ gave her immense popularity. The song ‘Meherbaan’ was a huge landmark in her singing.