In the four years since she flirted with television, Ridhima Pandit has calculatedly steered clear of playing the ideal saree-clad bahu. “If it catches my fancy at some point, I might play such a role. For now though, I want to essay strong characters,” she says. Instead, Pandit is happy to try her hand at comedy a la Hamari Bahu Rajni Kanth or play the charming host on a reality show. Her latest offering, Haiwaan, too promises to be anything but run-of-the-mill. One of the first sci-fi shows backed by Ekta Kapoor, the show has her play a cop, SP Amruta Sharma.

Quiz her if she is enjoying performing stunts on screen, and the actor points out that she is no stranger to action. “We just started shooting, so there haven’t been too many action scenes yet. Right now, it feels like a cakewalk because I have done a lot of action in Hamari Bahu Rajni Kanth. However, I have been told that the stunts will only get tougher as we progress.”

Though the Param Singh and Ankit Mohan starrer is a love triangle at its core, Pandit asserts that the show has been visualised as a sci-fi outing with superlative visual effects to boot. Sci-fi series may have been few and far in between in Indian television so far, but the youngster is confident that Haiwaan will be a game-changer in the genre. “The makers have done Naagin before and are experienced in this space. They are going to try and up their game with this show. Soon, we will be the benchmark that others will try to match up to. However, one should not forget that television shows are bound by time constraints.”