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Actress Rukhsar Rehman

Rukhsar Rehman: I Don’t Raise My Hand

Although she is set to play a strict mother in her next, Rukhsar Rehman says violence can make kids rebellious

After dabbling in films, television and online, Rukhsar Rehman says it is theatre that most appeals to her. The actor, who recently made her debut in the digital space with Haq Se, will soon be seen in a family drama, Mariam Khan — Reporting Live. Given that she is a mother to a 22-year-old, playing one to three girls on screen was easy.

“When you have a child, you learn to be adjusting, patient and understanding. What is the point of being an actor if you only want to play [a character that is of] your age. The beauty of being an artiste is that you can play someone who is 16, or 60, provided the role seems convincing,” Rukhsar Rehman says.

Talking about her character, the actor, who has previously acted in PK (2014) and Love Games (2016), says, “I am strict and stern, but the humour in my character is brought out by Mariam, my youngest daughter. However, I don’t think I can ever be strict with my [real] daughter Aisha.”

We assume then that she isn’t an adherent of the philosophy, ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’. She instantly agrees, “I don’t hit my daughter. I did once, when I saw her playing with an [electric] socket. She insisted on putting a hanger in it, and I got scared. She was barely five. But, otherwise, I never raise my hand. The child can either become a rebel, or recede into a shell. So, a parent must strike a balance.”

Her young co-actor, Deshna Dugad, also the protagonist of the show, is disciplined, Rehman says. “She is professional, and still has an innocence. As for the other kids, Gauransh Sharma can be a handful. He is filled with energy, even at 11 pm, when I am ready to nod off.”