Bidaai actress Sara Khan rose to more fame after appearing in a TV reality show Bigg Boss and her marriage with Ali Merchant on the show got the attention of everyone. However, the couple separated later with lighting controversy.

Lately, Sara was seen in her first digital show ‘Bitchy Bee’ alongside choreographer Rajeev Khinchi. The show is all about how people get bitchy dealing with different situations. Everything was going well till the first episode aired. But, before the second episode of the show release, Rajeev slapped a legal notice to Sara for editing certain portions of Bitchy Bee as Sara is also the producer of the show.

Rajeev has a problem with a sequence picturized on a party where they get drunk and get bitchy. For the sequence, Sara decided to call some of her friends including Rajeev to be part of it. Earlier, Rajeev thought he shot scenes thinking that it will never broadcast. Now, the choreographer wanted the scene to be cut from the show.

When Rajeev was asked about it, he told that “Yes, my lawyer is talking to Sara’s lawyer. However, I can’t elaborate on this.”

While, Sara said, “I don’t want to talk about it. Rajeev is a friend and I am still figuring it out what has gone wrong.”