Filming an action sequence for Zee TV’s show Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paega, actor Rehaan Roy got injured and suffered minor burns. Rehaan hurt himself on the set when he was preparing for Diwali special episode, and instead of using the electric lamps, he used clay diyas for more a authentic feel.

But it did not go well with the actor as the lit diya caused him the unexpected injury. Talking about the incident, Rehaan said in a statement: “As an actor one has to take the risk for a good shot. I insisted my director and the team to use a real diya to get the right kind of a shot.”

“I love to perform scenes in the most real manner, by obviously keeping the safety in mind. I did injure myself during this particular scene, but for the shot to look that good, I think a bit of pain was completely worth it”. The actor is currently playing the role of police constable Parv, an antagonist in the show.