The showbiz industry demands you to look fit, appealing and presentable all the time, and to achieve that, a healthy lifestyle is a must.

Some have to work extremely hard to get the desired results while people like Shruti Yogi achieve it with minimal efforts. “I am a firm believer in an active lifestyle. I feel that simple acts like taking stairs at home, biking to work or walking to the grocery store can make a huge difference,” says the popular television actress who won appreciation for her role in ‘Kumkum Bhagya, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, and Ishq Me Marjawaan.

For Shruti, lifestyle is keeping the right balance of everything – work, food, and workout. “Too much of anything can make you unhappy and unhealthy,” she adds.

Further revealing her basic workout routine, the actress says, “I do weight training three days a week out of which one day is for lower body and two days are for the upper body. Remaining one day is dedicated to functional training and cardio.”

Another factor, which is directly linked to the lifestyle, is your diet. All the hard work in your gym is a waste of time if you can’t manage your diet. However, it hardly matters for Shruti as she doesn’t consider herself a foodie. “So you will be surprised to hear that I am, not at all foodie and this is one of the primary reasons why I always have healthy food,” she mentions, adding, “I start my day with warm water and take fruity oats and granola for breakfast. Most people find it difficult, but for me, it’s a routine which I follow every day. Also, being a vegetarian adds to the advantages. I keep my meals simple with salads, juices, and protein reach food items.”

“But I won’t deny that sometimes I have a bad craving for sweets. So, what I do is I pick one day in a month as my cheat day, eat as much as I can, and then balance it out later,” she concludes.

Shruti is a popular face of Indian Television commercial, digital advertisements, and theatre. She has also worked in a couple of critically acclaimed movies and is not willing to step in the webspace.