A lot of industry folks confess to becoming actors by ‘chance’, and that acting chose them. These people come from different fields and professions, where they mention how the ended up in the industry by sheer luck.

And,theree is this bracket of actors who come into the industry first, but then go on to pursue alternate careers or even get back to nurturing their hobbies.

Actress Ekroop Bedi is one such person, who’s first love is acting, but she indulges in her hobby of palmistry big time.

During one of the mahasangam shoots of her show, Kaleerein, her hobby of palmistry was brought up and since then, the actress has read many hands on her show’s sets.

Says the actress, “Reading people’s hands is quite fun. Even my co-stars Arjit Taneja and Aditi Sharma have gotten their palms read from me.”

She continued, “I have a lot of interest in all such things like astrology, sun signs and numerology.in fact, I do know a bit of numerology as well.”

When we asked her if she’d prefer to pursue palmistry professionally, her answer surprised us. The actress said, “Not really. I am inquisitive about such things and it’s more of a hobby. To pursue it more professionally, it requires more time to be dedicated to it and you need to be very devoted. All this is a hobby that I like to do in my free time.”