We have heard enough stories of troubled marriages in Bollywood. While some couples go through such a phase time and now and yet stay together while some part ways to avoid more problems.

One of the popular Bollywood couples who had been in news for problems in their marriage is Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia. The couple was happily living with their two daughters when one fine day, the news about problems brewing between them started doing the rounds.

As per the reports, Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan was the main reason behind Arjun and Mehr’s troubled marriage. Arjun was allegedly having extramarital with Sussanne and Mehr came to know about it.

However, the couple in spite of having problems decided to give another chance to their marriage. They started living happily together and spending time with each other and their daughters and tried to resolve their differences.

But seems their happy times came to an end and problems have again banged their door. Issues between them cropped up again, this time with greater force. Such was the intensity that Arjun is believed to have moved out of the house and is living alone.

When a leading web portal quizzed Arjun about this, the actor chose not to respond. Well, Arjun keeping mum about the whole matter has raised several questions.

We hope all is well between the two and they sort out their differences soon.