Launching an all-girl band is something Avina has always wanted to do, which is in line with her ‘female empowerment’ message that she portrays through her music. Since the launch of her latest single Playboy, it seems Avina has built a brand new fan following across the globe .

With the catchy track garnering over three million streams and YouTube hits, plus hundreds of Playboy song covers created by listeners on video sharing platforms such as and Instagram.

The singer has now released an enchanting medley cover of the Bollywood legend ‘Asha Bhosle’ with an all-female group of musicians, showcasing a contrasting musical style to her recent single release.

“There are so many talented females out there who have a passion for music but sometimes don’t know how to pursue their dreams. We are in a very male dominated music industry and with the lack of female musicians around, I want to help and encourage more girls to showcase their talents to the world. I’ve managed to find some great female hidden talent in the UK already and I’m always on the look-out for more!”

The Asha Bhosle medley cover is just a glimpse of what to expect during one of Avina’s live performances. The singer reveals that she will be performing with an all-female troupe for her live shows and each performance will be unique and classy, with the aim to leave audiences craving for more.

“I hope this encourages more women to pursue their talents further and I would love to hear from anyone who wishes to get into the industry and showcase their musical and dance abilities. I’m a strong believer that incredible things happen when women support each other.” says Avina.