Padmavati 2

‘Padmavati’ gearing up for a February release

The makers and the crew of ‘Padmavati’ have been struggling to see the daylight since the inception of the magnum opus. The Supreme Court issued orders and condemned political parties to have spoken against the film and Bhansali without watching the film.

Sources reveal that this was the first time that the filmmaker has taken a breath of relief and smiled since months together. “Sanjay has not slept properly for months now. He is finally getting some sleep. The entire controversy is an exercise in the bizarre for him. He doesn’t get it at all. Why are politicians and protesters speaking against the film without seeing it? Strangers outside his home ask him when ‘Padmavati’ will be released. From the public, he feels only love for the film. So where is all the hatred and suspicion coming from?” asks a source close to the director while speaking to a leading daily.