devi sri

EXCLUSIVE: The family of Sridevi CARES for the media!

Celebrities or people under the limelight, in general, are often perceived to be media-averse in general, especially in the times of heartbreaking moments like the loss of a loved one, such as that of Sridevi, the loss of whom will hurt the Kapoors for almost eternity.

But, even in such dark times, the Kapoor’s have not forgotten to be human and we have proof of that!

As per our man on the ground, the Kapoor’s have been providing food/water supplies to the media personnel who have set up camp outside the residence of the late diva for more than 24 hours now.

Isn’t that really heart-warming?

It is probably for the first time ever that we are witnessing celeb families displaying their affection and care towards the media officials, who are more often than not perceived to be looked down upon.