The untimely demise of veteran actress Sridevi made the entire nation come to a standstill. The respect, affection, and gratitude for Sridevi were evident on Wednesday as the nation bid a tearful adieu to the legendary actress, whose last rites were performed yesterday in Mumbai. Fans from all over India had come to pay their last respect to the actress.
While everyone in the Kapoor family was bidding ado to their loved one with a heavy heart there was something that irked Sonam Kapoor during the final rites of the actress. In a video released online, we see Sonam Kapoor lashing out at the media for their misbehavior.

Sridevi passed away on late 24th February night in Dubai, where she was attending a family wedding. According to the forensic report, the 54-year-old Indian actress died of accidental drowning in her hotel room’s bathtub, after suffering a dizzying spell.