Janhvi Kapoor

Aunty Mat Kaho Na! – Janhvi Kapoor Calls Smriti Irani ‘Aunty’ and Her Reaction is Epic

Janhvi Kapoor bumped into Smriti Irani at the airport and the two had an initially awkward encounter! Smriti, known for her witty sense of humour, however, managed to handle the situation very well! Narrating the entire incident, the Textiles Minister of India took to Instagram to say, “‘The someone shoot me’ moment —When #jahnvikapoor sweetly apologises for continuously calling you aunty & you say “ koi baat nahi beta “


If you remember, Smriti was also called “aunty” by The Telegraph two years back when they labelled her as “Aunty National” for her speech in Lok Sabha.

As for her conversation with Janhvi, kudos to Smriti Irani for handling the situation like a pro! And look at Janhvi… she looks completely smitten by her. We’d love to know more about what their discussion was all about.