We all have our firsts and not all of them are pleasant. Actor Kangana Ranaut, whose outright straightforwardness is quite known already, recently opened up about her first relationship, first kiss and also admitted to being an ‘obsessive lover’.

“I had my first relationship at 17-18. I was in Chandigarh. My friend was on a date, and I ended up with her date’s friend. He was a cute Punjabi guy. He was 28 and I was 16-17. He looked at me and he was like, ‘you’re a kid’. He figured that I was too new in the game. I was heartbroken. I personally feel that I’m an obsessive lover. I used to message him saying, give me a chance, I’ll grow up,” she revealed. Kangana was speaking at the India Today Mind Rocks 2019.

Her first kiss didn’t go smooth either! “I could not kiss him, so I practised kissing on my palm. My first kiss wasn’t magical at all, it was messy. Mera muh freeze ho gaya tha (My mouth froze), I couldn’t move. Ladke ne bola muh hilao toh zara! (The boy said, move your mouth a bit!),’ she added.

The actor also admitted to having a crush on her teacher when she was in the 9th standard. We can relate!