Nobody has come up with a ‘Dab’ song in India yet: Sonu Kakkar

The super-cool dance form ‘dab’ has got the world grooving to it. With its popularity busting around, singers too can’t get enough of this and the outcome is an Indian Dab song. Yes, singers Raftaar and Sonu Kakkar have got together to create the Dab song.

Sonu Kakkar explains how Dab happened to her, “Raftaar got this idea and he wanted me to be a part of this song. It was wonderful working with Raftaar and I am glad that he thought of me for it. Also, he’s a wonderful artist and is a great soul.”

“Nobody has come up with a Dab song in India yet. We are the first ones to do it,” added Kakkar.

“While recording this particular song I was literally grooving to it. You can’t just stop listening to it. I truly loved singing for this one. This track is quite different from what I am currently working on,” shared Sonu.

On her upcoming single she further shares, “My most awaited single will be releasing next month. The track will be peppy one and it’s going to be my dream project.”