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Salman Khan plans to open 300 gyms across India

After the success of his worldwide merchandise chain Being Human, Bollywood actor Salman Khan is all set to launch his own chain of gyms and fitness centers across India.
The gym chain is set to open over 300 gyms across India by 2020.Salman Khan has always been an inspiration who possesses the power to influence the people of all generations. After the success of the Being Strong Fitness Equipment which received a massive response from all across, Salman Khan is launching SK-27 Gym Franchise.
The aim of SK-27 is to make every individual fit and Healthy. In a broader sense, the goal of SK-27 also is to create job opportunities for Fitness trainers and entrepreneurs while spreading the FIT INDIA movement.
With Salman Khan being the trendsetter, the actor is well known for his love towards fitness and well-being. SK-27, spearheaded by Salman Khan is sure to make India- fit, fitter and fittest with the promising aim of a chain that has 300 gyms, set to open all across the country.