Senior director S Suleiman has died at the age of 80 Syed Suleiman alias S Suleiman, a senior director and producer of Pakistan Film Industry, has passed away at the age of 80 after a long illness.

Suleiman’s wife Zarrin Panahin, a well-known actress, said that Suleiman had been undergoing treatment in a private hospital at different times for the past one year. Two days ago, Suleiman’s condition worsened and today he passed away. According to his wife, S. Suleiman’s funeral prayers will be offered in a private society on Friday.

The family says that the film director S. Suleiman had been suffering from kidney disease for a long time. S. Suleiman had a paralysis for a long time and was also suffering from diabetes. Film director S Suleiman was the younger brother of former actor Santosh Kumar and Darpan.