King Khan of Bollywood is often questioned for not speaking on social issues. Being a superstar he is considered as an influencer and many of his fans look after him as their ideal. Whether he gives a statement on political issues or not he gets criticized. Shah Rukh Khan also said that he wakes up and checks his phone every morning to see which new controversy has raised regarding him.

In a #AskSRK session on Twitter, the superstar communicated with his fans. But one of the Twitteratti raised this question that why Shahrukh doesn’t speak on social and political issues. The actor responded in his own style and slammed the Twitterati. Shahrukh commented “I would reply to u but I don’t know if u r appropriately and fashionably dressed for my reply…”

His reply was sarcastic and Shahrukh didn’t stop here. He replied humorously to another fan who wrote a weird statement about having a dream of SRK expecting his 4th child.

Shahrukh said “OMG OMG!! Better save AbRam’s clothes just for in case your dream comes true..kaam aa jayenge”. A fan also said in the chat session that he loves Salman more than Shahrukh see what Shahrukh has to say on this-

Shahrukh Khan keeps on communicating with his fans in the #AskSRK session and this time it was more of sarcasm and humor. The actor who is coming up with movie ‘Zero’ is always in news for his attitude towards handling such questions. He was also advising and motivating his fans in the session. One of his fan also asked him about whether he feels empty? The superstar said he has no time for such feelings as he is blessed with a lovely family.

Its personal choice of the actors whether they like to express their opinion in public or not especially on social and political issues. But the way Shahrukh has responded to the witty questions could impress his fans.