Distinct though they are with their choice of films, Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal are both, however, fine actors in their respective fields. The casting of Kaushal alongside Bhatt in Raazi was unlikely, but with this commercial venture, the actor thinks he can finally shed the image of being an indie artiste.

“I think it’s ironic to tag actors as indie or commercial artistes. Films are films, and any venture needs the industry’s support. Movies like Newton and October are making it easier for this line to be blurred. Actors don’t have categories,” Kaushal tells mid-day.

If initial glimpses are anything to go by, Bhatt and Kaushal’s chemistry is among the prominent elements that cinegoers should watch out for, when heading for this film. Kaushal admits that the comfort that translated on screen was a result of the bond they shared off it.

“We made the effort to be at ease with one another between shots. Alia is easy to bond with. She is transparent, and doesn’t have the airs of being a star. When you talk to her, you talk to the person she is. That kind of energy helps you connect. Such people help in uplifting the co-actor’s work. I believe, I did a better job in the film than I am capable of because I had a co-actor like her, and a director like Meghna Gulzar.”