Why Shah Rukh Khan totally deserved a break from films in 2019?

22 days are left before 2019 comes to an end but the superstar is yet to announce his next. Something like this has probably never happened before since he began his silver-screen journey in 1992.

Does a break like this give him perspective, noted film journalist Rajeev Masand had asked him in an interview, and his answer was a blatant ‘no’.

Instead of intellectualising his rather unusual hiatus, the superstar had honestly said, “I don’t think so. I think I am going to make the same mistakes I have made in the last few years. I think it’s not at all going to teach me anything different. It won’t give me perspective. If I got perspective, if I was able to differentiate between good and bad, if I could somewhere realise what I actually should be doing to get it right, I think it will get so boring.”

But the break, nevertheless, was much needed, we feel. It may not have offered him perspective. But it must have definitely helped him take a closer look at the life beyond lights, camera and action. It must have made him realise that before a globally-known movie star, he is a husband, a father and above all, a human being.

The failure of Zero must have been a big jolt to someone of SRK’s stature but like a true warrior, he appears to have let it go. He is someone who is making a genuine effort to look beyond the box-office success. And beyond everything, why should success be made compulsory for someone who has seen too much of it already? Isn’t it absolutely okay to fall sometimes and not worry about it?

That SRK is taking his own sweet time to announce his next is actually a wonderful thing. Because life cannot and should not be just about struggling incessantly to be on top. Sometimes, it is just about being happy in trying a new photo filter and having a cute desire to sound ‘deep’.

“I think it was required more than anything else,” Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri Khan had said of her husband’s break. We can’t agree more!