“Soon, I will be imparting more knowledge to people who want to get fit. It will be in the digital world, because DVDs don’t really matter anymore,” Bipasha Basu said in an interview.

“It will be a regular stream of information on one solid platform. It won’t only be about my regimens, but also about what different people need to do. It will not only cover workouts [but other fitness-related details too]; everything that’s good for the human body,” she added.

Pointing towards people’s increased interest in fitness, Basu said, “When you are continuously training, you need to keep changing your routine, since your body adapts to it soon. Pilates has come to India. There are such good instructors now. There are many more [fitness routines] to choose from today. I try to do a mix of everything.”

Still, there is something that she wants to learn from actor-husband Karan Singh Grover about staying fit. “He is more involved in yoga than I am. I want to learn that from him. Even though people think he is muscular, his flexibility is amazing. People use their problems as an excuse, but, you can get stronger each day through yoga.”