Like many a model before her, Brooke Shields is rolling up her sleeves and diving behind the scenes to develop her very own collection of apparel and accessories. Created in partnership with QVC, the line is, surprisingly, Shields’ first venture into design.

The collection, which will be called Brooke Shields Timeless, according to WWD, will consist of contemporary basics that are — yep — timeless. Flowy blouses and tailored button-downs, as well as skirts, scarves, structured bottoms and “contemporary jewelry,” will be unveiled on Feb. 15, and the full collection will be available on-air March 14. Prices range from $29 to $109, making it a relatively accessible celebrity label.

“After years of being dressed by professionals, I walked into my closet one day and realized I had lost sight of my own personal style,” Shields told the trade. “I am incredibly passionate about this collection because I have created pieces that are not only chic but that take the guesswork out of getting ready each morning.”

No photos are available yet, but the description of the “contemporary” collection is already giving us Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun vibes. (In case you hadn’t heard, “menocore” is in.)

From the looks of things, the line will not offer a denim selection. Our guess is that the 52-year-old still looks to Calvin Klein for all things blue jeans — because not even her own apparel line gets between her and her Calvins.