Your smart TV may soon get a little smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence.

At this year’s CES trade show, three different television manufacturers announced plans to add AI to some of their sets — albeit for different purposes.

LG and Sony are adding Google Assistant, the search giant’s voice computing technology, to some of their TVs. Instead of fumbling to find the right button on a remote, users will be able to change channels, fire up their game consoles, or view photos by just speaking commands to their TVs.

Meanwhile, Samsung is using AI to improve how lower-resolution images look on its new line of high-end 8K televisions.

Check out how AI will fit into TVs of the not-too-distant-future.

On LG’s line of Google Assistant-powered TVs, you’ll be able to change the channel or switch to a specific show using your voice.

Lg china

You’ll also be able to check the weather without having to remember to say a particular phrase.

Lg tv weather

Instead of building in a smart assistant, Samsung is using artificial intelligence to make videos look better on its new 8K TVs.

LG smart tv 3

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