Fire breaks out at Deepika Padukone’s Mumbai Apartment

The building where Deepika Padukone owns an apartment is on massive fire. The Beaumonde Towers in Mumbai is a high rise sea facing building which is located in the most prime residential area of the city. It caught fire on the top floors which have led everyone to pray for the lives of people residing there.

From the video itself, it is clear the incident is not that small. The sources have revealed that the actress is safe and she was not present in the building as the fire broke out. Deepika has an apartment in this multi storey building. 4 fire tenders have been sent to stop this raging fire on the upper blocks of the building. Mumbai police has requested the citizens to coordinate with them.

Deepika Padukone is currently busy with her shooting schedules and the floor at which the incident took place is not where she resides. Deepika resides on the 24th floor and fire broke out at the 32nd floor of the building in the Prabhadevi area of Mumbai. The reason of the fire is not yet confirmed. Take a look at how drastically the building is caught in the fire and could have been harmed the residents so bad.

The whole incident got captured by the paparazzi. The famous photographers shared the pictures of the building on social media. Rescue operations are on and also the residents are said to be safely evacuated from the building. Fire brigades and ambulance too were made available for the safety of the people.

But its a good news for fans that the leading lady of Bollywood is safe. Deepika has recently appeared in some international festivals like Cannes and Met Gala. She is also speculated to be working in a Hollywood movie. Fans are eagerly waiting to see her on screen. This news has surely raised everyone’s heartbeat especially Deepika lovers.