An ongoing exhibition at the George Eastman Museum in New York, “Stories of Indian Cinema: Abandoned and Rescued,” tells the intriguing story behind the museum’s recent acquisition of a large collection of contemporary Indian films and posters from Indian American-owned Naz 8 Cinema. As part of the acquisition, the museum acquired posters like the one shown above, from “Devdas,” starring Madhuri Dixit.

The museum, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of films, has recently acquired the world’s largest collection of contemporary Indian cinema held by a museum or film archive. The collection comprises 774 prints representing 597 film titles, all in 35mm format, made between 1999 and 2013. Some of the Bollywood titles include “Lagaan,” “Devdas,” and “Omkara.”

A large number of film posters were also acquired as part of the collection.