Exclusive Interview: Chitrangda Singh: If You Are Passionate, Nothing Is Impossible

She has now joined the league of Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma by venturing into production. When this fierceless industry thought that there was a full stop to her career, the gorgeous and talented Chitrangda Singh turned that full stop to a comma, and continued with her journey. The actress, who people thought had vanished after her song ‘Aao Raja’ from Gabbar is Back, is back with a bang, as a producer with the film Soorma – a biopic on Indian Hockey team’s former captain Sandeep Singh. The film has Diljit Dosanjh into his shoes. Meanwhile, Chitrangda, who is juggling between her stint as a television dance reality show’s judge, acting and producing got candid with mid-day.com and spoke about the new facets of her life. Apart from Soorma, which is slated to release on July 13, she will also be seen mesmerising the audience with her acting chops in Sahib, Biwi aur Gangster 3.

What kind of responses are you getting for Soorma’s trailer?
Very good. I honestly did not think it will get such positive reviews. I have been hearing good things from people, who are not even tagging us (On Twitter). People are just tweeting without tagging and you get to know much later, and I think it is a good sign as far as the Twitter art is concerned.

How does it feel being a producer? Is it a bigger challenge than acting?
You are attached because it’s your film. You put a lot many hours and years in this case (as a producer) into a project. So, it matters much more to you as a producer. As an actor, you come on board and leave and as a producer you breathe it for a much longer time.

You now fall in the league of Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma to get your own production house. You’ve come back and how?
I really don’t like this word comeback anymore. You should think of another word (smirks).

‘Aao Raja’ is still fresh in the minds of people, and want to see you again on the big screens creating the same magic.
My life’s tagline has become like ‘Next is What?’ Next is what, I really don’t know. Honestly, I never ever thought that I would write or produce a film… Literally, this was so exciting because it was slightly unplanned all my life. All my life, there’s never been a strategy or so what leads to what. What should you do next but whatever is gone is gone.

So, do you think things have just fallen in place for you? You did not have to plan anything?
I seriously have to say that (things just fell in place). There hasn’t been any such planning or such strong ambition, right from my first film. So, I definitely should be thankful how things have turned out.

While there’s noise of nepotism, you, coming from a non-filmy background, are clearly setting an example for people that if you are passionate about something, one will definitely achieve it?
If you are passionate, I really think nothing is impossible. Whether nepotism or not, whoever or wherever they come from, if you really want to have that bad, of course, you have to have realistic and good amount of talent to back it. Sooner, or later, I think u will make it.

What is it that invoked you to don the producer’s hat?
Soorma’s story, that’s it! That time I was not doing any films and in that whole zone, I wasn’t getting good offers. I was working on these two other stories and where I was writing and there was a faint idea of, ‘You know that I can produce it or somebody will produce it.’ Very organically, I came across this (Soorma) story, I met this man (Sandeep Singh, Indian hockey team captain) I got to know about him I met him again and again wrote the story out made this little presentation on his life. Later, I started pitching it and everything happened so naturally. I really don’t know when the decision of forming a company and getting it registered happened because I really wanted to do this film.

Does being in the production also means being on your toes all the time because there’s also cut throat competition in the market to get potential scripts?
Oh! Thankfully, with this one it may be. It’s my first film’s release, I’m very glad and thankful that Sony Pictures Network came on board and backed the film.

Was Diljit Dosanjh your first choice to play Sandeep Singh?


What all expectations do you have from this film?
I don’t even want to talk about commercial aspects. I think first and foremost expectation would be to evoke certain amount of guilt amongst all of us that there are so many sportspersons besides cricketers, who have achieved so much and they do not get the kind of acknowledgement or recognization. Probably, the only thing a sports man wants in his life, and they don’t get it. The country needs to come together to encourage and appreciate the sportsmen efforts, and I hope that we evoke some kind of emotion in us and we all feel guilty that we don’t even something like this happened to our Captain. And, he was left alone, he had to sell his house just to pay the bills and was on a wheelchair. It’s really is and about winning over his human condition at that point- emotionally, physically and mentally. And that’s beyond hockey, cricket and that’s above everything else.

Source: Bollywood News