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No compromise with Mohammed Shami, says wife Hasin Jahan

Hasin Jahan, wife of Indian cricket team pace bowler, Mohammed Shami, on Sunday asserted that she will not patch up with her husband under any circumstance.

“Enough is enough. For the last four years, I have been forgiving him for all his misdeeds and even tried to convince him to return to the straight path. But now that I have decided to tell everything, there is no question of any kind of compromise with Shami,” she told a section of the media here on Sunday noon.

Her comments came within 24 hours of Shami’s interview with a news channel where he expressed his desire to sort out things with his wife and get back to his “happy family” once again.

On Sunday, Hasin alleged that her husband started misbehaving with her ever since she came to know of his secret affairs after getting access to his mobile phone details. “Since then he started misbehaving with me and even started avoiding my phone calls. I went to the extent of convincing him to come to the straight path through one of our common friends who is a lawyer. But he did not bother. Now it is not possible for us to come to an understanding. Because if we do, he will have the chance of saying that I was at fault,” Hasin said.

However, Hasin said she might reconsider her decision at a later stage because of their daughter’s future but only if Shami shows the eagerness to save their marriage.

“I never desired or tried to break away from the relationship,” Hasin said.

Praising Kolkata Police, with whom she has already filed an FIR, Hasin said that she is happy with the cooperation extended by them. “I do not feel alone and in future I will take steps as advised by my lawyer,” she said.

Hasin felt that had she not got access to the details in mobile phone, her husband would have gone back to Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, and sent her a divorce notice by now.

Meanwhile, Kolkata Police are considering sending a team to Uttar Pradesh to probe Hasin’s charges of rape against Shami’s elder brother, Hasib Ahmed. Hasin has accused Hasib of rape while she went to her in-laws’ place last year.