Google is ending 2017 by showing short videos to users in its Google Photos-app. The video collage feature, named ‘Smiles of 2017’ takes images of you that are stored on the Cloud and makes a short video out of it. As the name suggests, the video collage takes only the smiling photos of you from the app.

Spotted by Android Police first, it is not for sure if the video is rolling out to everyone or not. You can check if the Google Photos app has received the feature or not by opening the app and tapping on the ‘Assistant’ tab at the bottom. Once the video is made, a notification would pop up on the device. It will appear in the same ‘Assistant’ tab in both the app and the desktop website.

Needless to say Google Photos ‘Smiles of 2017’ heavily uses the search giant’s machine learning, with which it recognizes smiles among other objects and faces. A similar feature was rolled out last year in the form of ‘Smiles’.


Talking about Google Photos, the search giant earlier this month announced that it will be removing one of the tabs from the Drive’s navigation bar, come January 2018.

This means users won’t be able to access the ‘Google Photos’ tab from the Drive’s side nav bar. However, this doesn’t mean that the service will be losing all the Photos-related functions. It is still possible to perform tasks like accessing your photos and videos saved in the Google Photos or even create a Google Photos folder.

For now, clicking on the Google Photos tab in the navigation bar allows users to directly filter everything else and access the photos and videos. This tab can also be seen in the Android and iOS version of Drive.

This move aims to make users’ Google Drive accounts less cluttered.