Google decided to brag a little bit about the success of its Home speakers today with a blog post claiming it sold “more than one … every second since Google Home Mini started shipping in October.” That means, from October 19th through the end of yesterday, Google sold at least 6.73 million speakers.

What Google doesn’t say is how those sales were split between the Home, the Home Mini, and the Home Max. It seems fairly safe to guess that the Home Mini was by far the most popular, since it was on sale for $29 for most of the holiday season. The Home Max only launched in mid-December — it’s also $399 — so it likely makes up an incredibly small portion of those millions of sales.


Google also gave a vague look at its overall home device sales today. The company said that if you include all of its home products — like the Chromecast and Google WiFi — its sales figures reach into the “tens of millions” throughout all of 2017. That’s not at all a specific or helpful figure, but it’s at least a clear sign that Google’s hardware is reaching people.