It’s now official that Samsung’s revamped Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This yearly show begins on February 26 with speculating that the S9 will launch a day earlier on Sunday 25.

With just a few weeks to go until this device is shown to the world there’s plenty of rumours and leaks which paint a pretty good picture of what’s to come. Although not confirmed by Samsung, it seems the S9 will bring only minor upgrades to the current Galaxy S8.

These include improved photography, tweaked design and better security. It’s thought the larger S9+ model will also get a dual-lens camera on the rear of the device bringing it in line with most of its flagship rivals – the standard S9 looks likely to keep a single camera.

Although these are not massive upgrades there could be one important feature that will set it apart from the Galaxy S8.

Tucked inside this latest flagship is likely to be the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

This will not only make the S9 faster but also much more efficient.

A recent leak has suggested that the S9 and S9+ will get the same batteries as their predecessors but the new chip inside will make them last a lot longer.

In fact, Qualcomm is boasting its new Snapdragon will provide a 30 per cent improvement in battery life.

The firm also says its processor will allow devices to charge much faster with them able to go from flat to 50 per cent in just 15 minutes via new Quick Charge 4+ technology.

If Samsung follows previous years it’s likely that certain countries will get different processors with some powered by the 845 and others featuring Samsung’s Exynos 9810 brains.

This latest chip from the Korean firm is also expected show huge improvements to battery life giving the S9 the edge over the Galaxy S8.