Akanksha Singh, known for her stupendous role as Megha Vyas in ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha’ season 1 and 2 took on her social media to replicate Shahid promo dialogues from his film. It should be noted that Aakanksha had earlier shot a video as a ‘sardar’ dancing on ‘Jabra Fan’ song during the release of the film Fan. The video became viral and after a few days even the Badshah of bollywood Mr Shah Rukh Khan noticed and tweeted about it.
Ask Aakanksha what prompts her to do this, the young actor says, “As an actor we always look for ways and means to do something beyond the usual. These videos which I made was done out of pure fun where I tried to challenge my own norms to go beyond the regular. Also as a performer I think it is most difficult when there is a gender reversal role to do portrayed”.
Ask Aakanksha if she would like to do a gender reversal role someday maybe in the lines of Sunil Grover or Gaurav Gera, the actress says, “I am happy in the space I am in. I will keep making such videos but just for my own satisfaction”.