In the Bigg Boss house this past season, there were many thing said by several contestants that should have not been said. What’s odd was the fact that at times, the housemates said things about other people who were not present to defend themselves.

But then again, as the season got over and the housemates are all out, viewers are demanding answers from the contestants. One such contestant is the runner-up in season 11, Hina Khan.

In an episode on the show, Hina had called Sakshi Tanwar squint-eyed, which did not go well with Sakshi’s fans at all. The actress was trolled for her comments on social media. However, when asked by a daily about her comments regarding Sakshi, true to form, Hina denied making such comments. But later she agreed mut said she was misinterpret by everyone. The actress was quoted as saying, “I am a big fan of Sakshi Tanwar. I got to know that my words have been misinterpreted for her. As you all see only 45 minutes of content whereas we get shot for 24 hours. I have definitely had a discussion about her but the conversation has been moulded in a different way.”