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Ram Kapoor: Sakshi Tanwar and I started working together, it was easy to trust each other

When it comes to mature love stories on television, few on-screen couples have been as big a hit as Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. The two first acted together in daily soap ‘Bade Acche Laggte Hai’ and then reunited for the web series, ‘Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat’. The digital series revolved around a couple, who get attracted despite being totally opposite each other. However, due to some unexpected twists and turns, they don’t end up together.
Now, Ram and Sakshi are all set to share screen space once again, in the second season of the web series. Talking to a newspaper, he said, “In terms of my character earlier, I was shown to be arrogant and larger-than-life, now I am a man in love, have grown and am different. Even in season two though Sakshi and I are in love, there are complications and we may not reunite.”
So, how was it working with Sakshi again? He told the publication, “Before ‘Bade Acche Laggte Hai’, Sakshi and I used to shoot at studios next each other for different shows. I would shoot for ‘Kasamh Se’ and she would be filming ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’. Even at that time, we were friends and when we started working together, it was easy to trust each other, which is important while acting. We let go completely, which is why we are comfortable with each other.”

He added, “When we come together, it is like being back home. With Sakshi and me, there’s no need for rehearsals, we know how the other is going to respond, so there is no time waste and we are in a comfortable zone.”