Krystle D souza

Krystle D’souza on playing Belan Wali Bahu

Hazel-eyed, charming smile and Rapunzel like hair, Krystle D’souza is definitely one of the prettiest girls in the television industry. But beyond that beauty, she is also a talented actor who has managed to pull off all kinds of roles in her career span. After a sabbatical, the actor is back in business playing the titular role in Colors’ latest drama Belan Wali Bahu. Talking exclusively to, Krystle spoke about her character Rupa and her relationship with the belan. “It is a love-hate relationship with belan, as Roopa loves to cook for her family but also ends goofing up things. She can’t even cook a proper paratha for them and even ends up accidently killing her husband with a belan only. But she loves it so much that she has tied a thread on it and believes that it is her rakshak and also the raksash (savior and attacker).

When asked about her real-life bond with the belan, the actor laughed to say, “I am not at all comfortable with it and neither the saree look. I have not used a belan ever in my life as my mother never allowed me to enter the kitchen. I also never had time as after my schooling. I jumped to work at the age of 17. I don’t know how to cook but I am pretty good at acting.”

Reasoning out her decision of taking the show, Krystle shared, “I have done everything apart from comedy in my career, from behan, beti, biwi, bahu to empowering women and supernatural character. As an actor, versatility is the key, so why not? I will be honest, I was nervous but when I heard the script, I jumped all in. The show centers around me, and I knew I had to be the Belan Wali Bahu. It’s funny that no one in the production was confident about me, and after we canned the first episode, they all called me saying that they did not expect me to do such a great job.”

There was buzz recently on how Ekta Kapoor wanted Krystle to play the lead in Naagin 3 but as Krystle had already signed this show, she had to decline the offer. We asked Krystle if she regrets missing the chance, and she very sweetly quipped, “There are no regrets in life. You make a decision and stick to it what may come. To be honest, I would have loved to be a part of any TV show that is currently on air and I am more than happy to be the Belan Wali Bahu. Also, I wasn’t offered Naagin when I took this up.”

In a time, when actors don’t prefer Indian television, often stating that they only watch international shows, it was humbling to hear Krystle talk about her love for the medium. “This is my home and I have utmost respect for it. The problem with people right now is that they don’t respect the platform and get offended if others do the same. I love television and the reach it has. The fan following that small screen actors have is unimaginable and that’s what stardom is all about. I watch television for my homework and to learn what to do and what not to do. What am I going to learn watching Netflix? They are not giving me work,” she said with a pride in her voice.

Belan Wali Bahu airs Monday-Friday, 10:30 pm on Colors.