It is common-practice to presume that any actor or actress would hike his or her price after the success of their latest film. It is also true that no actor talks about his or her remuneration in public. So how and where do these stories of Alia Bhatt hiking her price come from?

A very close friend of the actress described the money-talk surrounding Alia’s career as mere conjecture. “Alia Bhatt has just featured in a Rs. 100-crore hit. Understandably everyone thinks she will now hike her fee. But there has been no such talk. The poor girl has no money sense. She doesn’t even know exactly how much she gets per film. It’s all handled by her mother and manager. Raazi is not Alia’s first success. She has featured in a string of hits since her debut. And if she hiked her price after every hit she would getting more money than Salman Khan,” says the source.

Also, let’s not forget. In Bollywood a heroine who asks for what producers consider an unreasonable amount of money soon gets out-priced from the market. Deepika Padukone would vouch for that.